Vissolela M.


Olá! I’m Vissolela, a home cook who’s excited to share with you traditional Angolan dishes for you to try and fall in love with! I grew up in Luanda but moved to beautiful Portugal for a better quality of life for myself and my daughter. My inspiration for cooking always comes from my mother and my aunt who are both amazing home cooks. They’ve also shared with me their love for cooking and their knowledge of creating and developing recipes. My family had always loved to host parties with loads of delicious food for everyone to enjoy so from a very young age, I was always in the kitchen, helping my mother and my aunt to prepare for these feasts. Naturally, my interest in different flavours started to grow and now, being in the kitchen is my ultimate therapy where cooking either for myself or other people always brings me happiness, pleasure, and peace. Through my cooking, I want the world to know how delicious and nutritious Angolan cuisine can be. I also want people to experience the food that I grew up eating and for the younger generation such as my daughter to appreciate and be proud of their roots. One of my dreams is to open up a restaurant but for now, I’m happy to join Mama's family as a home cook as it allows me to showcase my cooking skills and recipes in the comfort of my home where I can still spend time with my daughter. I can’t wait for you to try my delicious home-cooked creations!

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