Ludovic C.


Salut! I’m Ludovic and I want to share with you some delicious homecooked Caribbean food that is inspired by the cuisine of my childhood - the food I grew up eating. My cooking is completely influenced by Caribbean cuisine but I also like to experiment with other types of cuisine, always adding a little of that magic Caribbean touch. I was born and raised in Paris but my family is originally from Martinique where the culture and cuisine reflect a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences. I have a lot of fond memories of being on holiday in Martinique. A few years ago, I also spent 2 years residing in Martinique and learned more about my roots from my grandfather before moving to Portugal with my wife and kids. What I like the most about living here is the multicultural environment that exists; I can say that the country itself is as diverse as Martinique. I first started to cook when I was about 9 years old with my aunts who were all great home cooks. However, there’s one aunt that inspired me the most. I learned how to cook by helping her cater for big events such as weddings and family parties. As I got older, I had learned a lot of different lines of work but cooking was the one thing that I was most passionate about. Since I started to cook professionally, my all-time dream is to open my own restaurant. A place where I can entertain food lovers with the rich flavours of Caribbean cuisine, highlighting the unique similarities between Martinique and Portuguese dishes. I joined Mama because I love the concept of home cooks offering delicious meals made from scratch with plenty of creativity and no shortcuts. The food that I cook for you is all made with good quality ingredients and lots of love, just as how my aunt would make them for my family.

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