Fatou N.


Hi! my name is Fatou and I’m very excited to share a part of my culture with you. As a Senegalese, food is very important in our culture; it’s not just about eating, it’s also about sharing moments as well caring for others. In Senegal, we’d always prepare communal dishes for the whole family which we’d share from the same platter. This tradition had taught me to have patience, gratitude, and respect for everything that I have in my life. More importantly, it had also given me the passion that I have today for cooking as I had always been so amazed seeing my mother and all the other Senegalese women that I have in my life preparing delicious meals that are plentiful for everyone to enjoy. A good friend of mine often says, "cooking is like love", and this always reminds me that I’m a labour of love whenever I’m cooking. I hope that with the best ingredients that I can find as well as my passion for cooking, I can make you appreciate the comfort that authentic Senegalese cuisine can offer to the world!

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