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There is nothing better than a homemade meal by mom, and at Mama Food's Kitchen, we believe that wholeheartedly! The problem is, not all of us are gifted in the kitchen the way mom is or don't have enough time to make the homemade comfort food we want!

After a few (a lot) of failed attempts at following recipes and how to videos on Youtube, the team at Mama Food decide, we all deserve to have mom's home cooked meals without the hassle.

The question was... how?

We tracked down the best local chefs we could find to get a fix for the cravings of home comforts and mom's meals, and that's how Mama Food Kitchen was born.

We believe that everybody should enjoy the comforts and benefits of a homecooked meal, even if they can't cook! Which is why we've partnered with a range of talented chefs from many walks of lifes, to bring back mom's food to your table!

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Mama Food Kitchen brings a unique one of kind experience right to your dinner table. Enjoy all of the home comforts of sitting around the table enjoying a homemade meal, without the stress or the mess.

At Mama Food, our amazingly talented local cooks bring a variety of amazing cuisines delivered straight to your door, so you can focus on what matter most - Enjoying a homemade meal by mom.

Become a partnered cook from the comfort of your own home

We believe, like good food, talent starts at home! We're always on the lookout for the best local cooks to help bring the Mama Food experience to our customers! Do you want to become a partnered cook and work from the comfort of your own kitchen? Get in touch and become part of our amazing group of home cooks!

Frequently asked questions from the Mama Food’s community

Have you ever sat at home and just missed mom’s delicious cooking but didn’t feel like getting up from that cozy spot on the couch to prepare the dish? Mama Food got you covered!

We are a community-based platform, that connects foodies who crave homemade food to independent cooks from all over the world.
Let’s get started! Click on our menu to see all the meals from cooks who are available in your neighbourhood. Just choose the preferred day of delivery and explore all the homemade dishes or you can also use tags to filter cuisines if you feel like something specific.
Don’t forget to order until 6 pm (GMT) so our cooks will have enough time to buy fresh ingredients and prepare your meals.

P.S. Mama is Portuguese for “mother”, and who else would prepare those home cooked meals for us with nostalgic flavours?

Mama Food delivers fresh homemade meals any day of the week, Monday to Sunday. You should place your order until 6 pm (GMT) the day before your delivery date, so cooks can buy fresh ingredients and make your meals even more flavorful. While choosing your meals make sure to select the preferred delivery day to see the dishes that are available for the delivery.
Some cooks need a 48h notice period to accept your order, therefore you’ll need to order 2 days before instead of the 6 pm time limit.

Mama Food offers a wide variety of homemade dishes from all over the world – India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Angola, Senegal, France, Portugal and much more. You can also find delicious vegetarian and vegan options.
Mama Food cooks have been carefully selected by our team to make sure that we only offer the best!

You can change your order up to 24 hours before delivery date. Currently you can’t make direct changes to your order, so make sure to reach out to our customer support team:
Chat – blue button on the bottom right corner
Email – hello@mamafood.pt
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We accept all major credit card payments, or debit cards that allow on online payments.

Keeping you safe is our absolute priority. All cooks found on Mama Food are following standard safety and hygiene guidelines in their food preparation. Our couriers will be wearing masks and will keep necessary distance when handling your order.

If you would to like to become a cook and work with us, please fill out the following form. Our team will reach out to you.

Our customer support team will be happy to help you if you have any question or complaints. You can contact us via chat (blues button on the bottom right corner), by sending an email to hello@mamafood.pt or by submitting contact form here.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or simply want to get in touch with us, please send us an email to hello@mamafood.pt or use the form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
In case you prefer more informal communication, you can also contact us directly via Instagram or Facebook.

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